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Ayurvedic Nutrition

 “Amanthramaksharam nasthi,Nasthi moolmanoushadham,

Ayoghya: purusho nasthi, yojakasthavam dhurlabha:”


There is no letter that is not a  Manthra, There is not a root that can’t be used as a Food/Medicine,

There is not any individual who is not useful, It is up to us to use it the way it deserves”


Nutrition plays a vital role is Ayurveda and defines “Ahara” (diet) and “Anna”(food) as a means to good life, health and wellness. Healthy food taken peacefully nourishes Mind,  Body and Soul.

Any individual is inseparable from his or her surroundings or in other words, he/she is a “Microcosm” within the “Macrocosom”  and hence is always under the influence of the Surroundings/Environmental transformations. Hence to live healthily,  he/she must keep a harmony with his/her surroundings.


It is difficult to understand the Ayurvedic Nutrition form the western point of view as in the later, the quantity of food is determined by Servings/Portions, while in Ayurveda,  Serving/Portion is customized, and it is purely based on the body constitution/Digestive capacity of the individual. Also, the quality to be considered such as Heavy, Light and Oily.


Ayurveda also emphasis that The Diet must be properly selected and wisely formulated, not only according to the physical conditions of the person, but taking into consideration of the body type (Kapha,Vatha,or Pitha nature of the person) and natural surroundings of the individual taking it.


Food is characterized according to their action on the individual and is determined by their unique qualities like Ras (Taste), Veerya (Active component./Potency) Vipaka (Post digestive effect) and Prabhav (Pharmacological effect). Since Taste plays a major role in proper digestion, food is classified based on Taste. The six Tastes (Rasa) are: Sweet, Sour, Lavana, Pungent, Bitter and Astringent. Each Taste plays an important role in stimulation of the Digestive and Immune Systems.

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