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Pre-Filled Syringes(PFS)


Pre-Filled Syringes(PFS) are now used across a wide array of therapeutics sectors outside of the traditional domains of anticoagulants and vaccines. The use of prefilled syringes is expected to accelerate over the coming decades. For the pharmaceutical company, the advantages of prefilled syringes are minimizing drug waste; increasing product lifespan and enhancing level of market share are some of driving market demand. For healthcare workers, prefilled syringes are recognized as an efficient, reliable and convenient method for drug administration. Furthermore, the ease at which patient can self-administer many types of injectables drugs makes prefilled syringes of healthcare treatment out of the hospital and into the home.So, in the future emerging challenge in the pharmaceutical market for prefilled syringes will be there. This broad acceptance of prefilled syringes is not surprising because of the range of compelling benefits including simplicity, suitability for home use, reduction in waste products, and greater dose precision. Prefilled are convenient and help ease the administration process.A patient does not have to worry about the transfer of a drug from a vial to a syringe and therefore do not have to worry about leaving a small percentage of dose behind.

Advantages of Pre-Filled Syringes(PFS)


  • Convenient to Use.
  • Saves time by eliminating the process of filling syringes from ampoule/vial.
  • Minimal risk of needle stick injury.
  • Minimal chance of medical errors.
  • Surety of accurate dosing.
  • No chance of glass particles falling into the drug from broken ampoule.
  • A rare chance for contamination.
  • Reduces medical waste.
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