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Medical Device

Medical Device


Remote Patient Monitoring System is renowned for the integrity and precision of the medical information it presents. This portable device captures ECG and additional vital parameters like BP, SPo2, temperature etc. It delivers fast turnaround time for high throughput, which is very critical in health camps. Some of the other key benefits of this solution include:


  • Critical diagnostic care can be provided to patients irrespective of distance and time.
  • Supports simultaneous consultation by multiple doctors and specialists as data is online.
  • Allows hospitals to prepare in advance to receive and evaluate the patient.
  • Added precision and accuracy of ECG analysis even for those captured in a moving ambulance.
  • Guaranteed delivery in uneven wireless coverage areas.
  • Can be operated and interpreted by paramedics with a short training.
  • Quick and cost-effective operation.
  • Timely medical care potentially leading to a reduction in cardiovascular disease-related disability or a loss of life.

Features & Functionalities


  • A robust, complete mobile solution with an inbuilt power source.
  • Wireless monitoring, recording and analysis of patient’s full 12 lead ECG.
  • Retake and display of an expanded view of any lead for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • A full keyboard and camera included capturing vital observational and textual parameters.
  • Seamless intelligent switching between the 5 different wireless communications modalities.
  • Email connectivity through an alternate server gives a greater degree of fault tolerance.
  • Operated with a battery or mains and supports single click video/text chat.
  • Advanced built-in diagnostics for monitoring Heart Rate Variability for a longer duration.
  • LiveECG.
  • Advanced filtering.
  • Solar power.
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