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Poly Herbal Liquid Combination in the treatment and management of

Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction – Bioavailability & no

Dhamani Avarodh

Hypertensive Vascular Complications (both micro and macro)

Diabetic vascular Cemphication

Mechanism of Actions

Normalise Lipid Ratios

Improve  fat metabolism/excretion

Antioxidant and free radical scavenging

Improve the strength and Blood vessels




1) Noblock keeps blood in the fluid stage, other anticoagulants and blood thinner need not be used/must be used injudiciously.

2) Better stop noblock 2 days before any surgery and can continue 7 days after surgery.

3.All herbs used in noblock are having antihyperglycemic affect, than by Diabetic Drug Dosage must be regulated an pen Blood Glucose Level.

Dosage: 10-15 ml BID 30 minutes after food for 90 days, then after 10ml BID for 30 days once in 6 months or a Directed by the physician.


Rhodenderon arborium


[Hippophase rhamnoides.]

Arjuna [Terminaha arjuna]

Gokhuru [Tribulus terrestris]

Pushkaramoola [Innula recemosa]

Vrikshamla [Garcenia indica]

Venga kothal Insulin sensitize

[Petrocarpus marsopium]

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