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The Diet Hub provides services and products in the Healthcare domain, Based out of Cochin (India), The Diet Hub provides training services in Advanced Ayurveda and have an online library of Ayurveda documents for reference.

The Diet Hub also manufactures Ayurvedic medicines and markets them.

Ayurveda Finishing School

In this program, we arrange training sessions to Ayurveda medical students by experienced doctors from reputed medical institutions.

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Finding your doctor is now easy to search by location, find nearest Doctors and schedule an appointment narrow your search a single step ahead.

Ayurveda Library

Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared. Browse through our wide range of contents which are free. Our archive, a good place to begin your research.

Diet Hub Ayurvedic Medicines

पथ्ये सति गदार्थस्य किमौषदि निषेवणैः।
पथ्ये असति गदार्थस्य किमौषदि निषेवणैः॥

Pathye sati gadarthasya kim aushadi nishevanne I
Pathye asati gadarthasya kim aushadi nishevanne ll

Our Motto

“Our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.”

Raveendran C.P, The Diet Hub

“If you follow pathya, you may not require medication and if you do not follow pathya even medication may not be helpful to you”

Astanga Hridaya

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   We are looking for DSAs all over India (except Kerala,Gujarat and Chatisgrah) .Interested parties may contact 9846505044.