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Ayurveda is the Indian Medical wisdom which is strongly built upon the platform of philosophy and science. Ayurveda is not a mere medical science but a life science which has got a holistic approach. Ayurveda considers man as an integral part of the Mother Nature. All the natural materials are therefore recommended for human health.

Services in Ayurveda

The Diet Hub offers the following services in Ayurveda. 

School of Ayurveda

Finishing school on Ayurveda

In finishing school programme, we arrange training sessions for Ayurveda medical students by experienced doctors from reputed Ayurvedic medical institutions.

Ayurvedic Library

Knowledge Hub (Digital Library)

Our Knowledge Hub service gives online access to refer documents prepared by experienced doctors.

   We are looking for DSAs all over India (except Kerala,Gujarat and Chatisgrah) .Interested parties may contact 9846505044.